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Fallout 4 Save Editor

Fallout 4 Save Editor: What Is It and How to Use It

Fallout 4 is a popular post-apocalyptic role-playing game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and released in 2015. The game allows players to explore a vast open world, customize their characters, build settlements, and engage in various quests and combat scenarios. However, some players may want to modify their save files to change certain aspects of the game, such as their inventory, perks, stats, or quest progress. This is where a save editor comes in handy.

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What is a save editor?

A save editor is a tool that can read and edit the data stored in a save file. A save file is a file that contains information about the state of the game at a certain point, such as the player's location, inventory, quests, and more. By using a save editor, players can alter these data to suit their preferences or needs. For example, they can add or remove items, change their level or skills, or complete or reset quests.

How to use a save editor?

There are several save editors available for Fallout 4, each with different features and interfaces. Some of the most popular ones are:

  • : This is a powerful save editor that can also clean scripts and fix errors in the save file. It works with Skyrim Special Edition, Skyrim Legendary Edition, Skyrim Legendary Edition + Crash Fixes, and Fallout 4.

  • : This is a tool that can help players manage their different characters and their save files. It can also launch Fallout 4 or other applications, and clean up old save files.

  • : This is an advanced graphical module viewer/editor and conflict detector. It can also edit save files, but it requires more technical knowledge and caution.

To use a save editor, players need to first locate their save files on their computer. The default location for Fallout 4 save files is:

C:\Users\<username>\Documents\My Games\Fallout4\Saves

Then, they need to backup their save files before editing them, in case something goes wrong or they want to revert the changes. They can do this by copying the save files to another folder or using a backup feature in some save editors.

Next, they need to launch the save editor of their choice and open the save file they want to edit. Depending on the save editor, they may see different options and tabs to modify various aspects of the game. They can browse through these options and make the changes they want. Some common things that players may want to edit are:

  • Their character's name, appearance, gender, race, or faction.

  • Their character's level, experience, perks, skills, SPECIAL stats, or health.

  • Their character's inventory, including weapons, armor, ammo, aid items, junk items, mods, or keys.

  • Their character's location, fast travel points, map markers, or worldspace.

  • Their character's quest progress, including active quests, completed quests, failed quests, or quest stages.

  • Their character's companions, relationships, affinity levels, or romance options.

  • Their character's settlements, workshops, resources, settlers, or happiness levels.

  • The game settings, such as difficulty level, survival mode options, or gameplay tweaks.

After making the desired changes, they need to save the edited file and close the save editor. Then they can launch Fallout 4 and load the edited file to see the effects of their changes.

What are the benefits and risks of using a save editor?

Using a save editor can have both benefits and risks for players. Some of the benefits are:

  • They can customize their character and gameplay to their liking.

  • They can fix bugs or glitches that may occur in the game.

  • They can experiment with different builds, items, or scenarios.

  • They can skip or replay parts of the game that they find boring or challenging.

  • They can have more fun and freedom in the game.

Some of the risks are:

  • They may corrupt or damage their save files if they edit them incorrectly or use incompatible tools.

  • They may encounter unexpected errors or crashes in the game due to the changes they made.

  • They may lose their achievements or trophies if they edit their save files on consoles or online platforms.

  • They may ruin their immersion or enjoyment of the game by making it too easy or unrealistic.

  • They may violate the terms of service or code of conduct of the game or its developers if they use a save editor for cheating or malicious purposes.

Therefore, players should use a save editor at their own risk and discretion, and always backup their save files before editing them. They should also respect the game and its developers, and not use a save editor to harm other players or the game itself.


A save editor is a tool that can read and edit the data stored in a save file. It can allow players to modify various aspects of Fallout 4, such as their character, inventory, quests, or settings. However, it can also have benefits and risks for players, depending on how they use it. Players should use a save editor carefully and responsibly, and always backup their save files before editing them.


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