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FBI Instaler [MEGA][1 LINK]

To update on Trisquel 7 as before use "plomod -u" and on Trisquel 6 as before remove the directory /.config/plowshare/modules.d/mega.git and run the above commands again.In order to download from MEGA you need to use quotes '*' because of the special characters in the URL, e.g. (replace the stars by the URL you wish to download):

FBI Instaler [MEGA][1 LINK]

Download Zip:

January 2023. Latvian officials claimed that Russia-linked hackers launched a cyber espionage phishing campaign against its Ministry of Defense. The Latvian Ministry of Defense stated this operation was unsuccessful.

January 2023. Russia-linked hackers deployed a ransomware attack against the UK postal service, the Royal Mail. The attack disrupted the systems used to track international mail. It took 20 days for the Royal Mail to fully restore international mail services.

January 2023. Iran-linked hackers executed ransomware attacks and exfiltrated data from U.S. public infrastructure and private Australian organizations. Australian authorities claim that the data exfiltrated was for use in extortion campaigns.

November 2022. Suspected Chinese-linked hackers carried out an espionage campaign on public and private organizations in the Philippines, Europe, and the United States since 2021. The attacks used infected USB drives to deliver malware to the organizations.

August 2022. Hackers used phishing emails to deploy malware in government institutions and defense firms throughout Eastern Europe in January 2022. A report by Russian-based company Kaspersky linked the campaign to a Chinese hacking group.

July 2022. Hackers targeted the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) in a spearfishing campaign to deploy malware and obtain sensitive files. Pakistani and Chinese organizations claimed the attack came from Indian-linked hackers.

April 2022. Cybersecurity researchers identified a new campaign by Russian-linked hackers that started in January and targets diplomats and embassy officials from France, Poland, Portugal, and other countries. The hacks started with a phishing email to deliver a malware-laden file to the target.

April 2022. Hamas-linked cyber actors used a network of fake Facebook and Twitter profiles to surveil members of the Israeli security establishment. The actors also used WhatsApp to grow trust with their targets, then requesting them to download an app with malware.

April 2022. Cybersecurity researchers observed hackers penetrating the networks of at least 7 Indian State Load Dispatch Centres (SLDCs) which oversee operations for electrical grid control. The SLDCs manage SCADA systems and researchers suggested that PLA-linked hackers may be involved.

April 2022. A social media platform disrupted two Iranian-linked cyber espionage campaigns that targeted activists, academics, and private companies. The campaign targeted businesses in the energy, semiconductor, and telecom sectors in countries including the U.S., Israel, Russia, and Canada by using phishing and other social engineering techniques.

March 2022. Pakistani government-linked hackers targeted Indian government employees in an espionage operation. The group also created fake government and military websites to deliver malware to their targets.

March 2022. Hackers linked to the Chinese government penetrated the networks belonging to government agencies of at least 6 different U.S. states in an espionage operation. Hackers took advantage of the Log4j vulnerability to access the networks, in addition to several other vulnerable internet-facing web applications.

February 2022. An investigation led by Mandiant discovered that hackers linked to the Chinese-government compromised email accounts belonging to Wall Street Journal journalists. The hackers allegedly surveilled and exfiltrated data from the newspaper for over two years beginning in at least February 2020.

See the special section at the end of the article about this. The Sophos Knowledgebase link includes an explanation of how to restore Full Disk Access to the Sophos product. You should easily be able to adapt these instructions to other products affected by this problem. (Apparently Apple has acknowledged this an an operating system bug and will be fixing it, but who knows when the next Ventura update will turn up?)

DarkSide's first publicly reported activity was in August 2020, when it began a malicious campaign of infecting victims with ransomware. DarkSide is thought be operating out of Eastern Europe or Russia -- though there is no confirmed link with any nation-state sponsored activity. The Russian government has also denied involvement with DarkSide or the pipeline operator attack.

Install the content manually by downloading the CIA directly onto your computeror another device using the provided direct download link, then copy the CIAonto your 3DS's SD card and manually install the content using FBI or usecustom-install.Do keep in mind that you need roughly twice the amount of space thegame takes up worth of free space available on your SD Card to be ableto install CIAs using FBI.


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