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Buy Used Bobcat Skid Steer

Skid steer loaders are an incredibly versatile piece of equipment, but not everyone that needs one is in the market for a brand new one. In this blog post, we are going to discuss some tips for purchasing a good quality used skid steer.

buy used bobcat skid steer


Before you buy a skid steer -- new or used -- you should do some background research on the brands you'll be considering. For example, how expensive are the replacement parts and whether or not they are easy to get. Parts that are hard to get, even if the cost is reasonable, can end up costing you more money in the long run due to extra down-time for your machine. You also need to consider how much the replacement tires are going to cost, because you'll eventually need to replace them.

Check the engine oil. If it is low on oil, there might be a leak or it might not have been maintained properly. If the oil if it so thick that its tarry, that is not a good sign and definitely indicates that maintenance has not been kept up on the skid steer.

When you get inside the skid steer, you should be able to turn the key and hear the engine it start up. Remember that it is normal for a diesel engine to smoke for a few seconds after you start it, but if it is still smoking at 10 seconds then that machine has some serious engine problems. You should also rev it up and check that it sounds normal.

Don't settle for a skid steer with a welded boom, oil or hydraulic leaks, missing operator protection, a smoking engine, etc. Problems like this can be expensive to repair, and some of them may be dangerous for your operators or those working around the machine. You can get an excellent deal on a used skid steer if you know what to look for!

Used Bobcats have a pretty large range, since equipment with low hours that is fairly new can easily go for $25,000 or more, and you can find some real garbage that has been auctioned off for $3,000 or less. Sometimes we run into folks that are trying to get financing for a 35-year old skid steer that costs $4,000 and that ends up not being possible - finance companies and anyone else with a brain know that you can't find quality equipment for $4,000 and that machine is probably pretty close to the junk yard.

To reduce the risk associated with purchasing a piece of used equipment, it is important to do an inspection of the machine before making a purchase. The degree of the inspection largely depends upon the age of the skid steer and the reputation of the seller. For newer machines, a routine/basic inspection should be sufficient, including: the condition of tires, belts and hoses, looking for leaks, signs of damage or unusual wear and tear. For older skid steers with higher hours, oil and hydraulic fluid samples should be taken to check for any contaminants or system problems. The thoroughness of the inspection should also be adjusted based on the weather and geographical conditions the machine has been exposed to. The more severe the environment, the more thorough the inspection needs to be.

I do like that you emphasize the importance of getting a proper inspection before buying a used skid steer. After all, skid steers can have many uses depending on the attachments, so it is probably going to see a lot of work. Because of that though you have to make sure that the skid steer is in top condition before you purchase it.

Every local landscaper or contractor knows the importance of having good equipment. That being said, it is invaluable to not overspend on that equipment. This is why so many professionals buy used equipment or refurbished equipment. Whether it is an excavator or skid steer loader, there are a lot of benefits to buying them used. However, it is important to make sure you are getting the right quality for your purchase. If maintenance costs end up overshadowing the money you saved by buying used, you would potentially have been better off buying a new piece of equipment or shopping with a better dealer.

Bobcat understands how crucial it is to have the right attachments equipped to your skid steer for the work you do, so they make sure that their hydraulics are top-notch. Use the Selectable Joystick Control (SJC) handles to get more function and more control over all your attachments.

Want to have a better experience while working in your skid steer? Bobcat equips their skid steer loaders with pressurized and sealed one-piece cabs that help to lower the dust levels and reduce the amount of noise that reaches you as the operator. Optional heating and cooling systems help you stay comfortable in any weather. An automatic ride control reduces spillage and makes your ride much smoother, too.

Visit our dealership in Lockport, NY, today to check out our fine selection of new and used Bobcat skid steers for sale. We can even assist you with financing options for your Bobcat equipment purchase. Upstate Equipment proudly serves the greater Buffalo metropolitan area as well as the city of Amherst, NY.

The first should be the size and type of machine you will need. The Bobcat skid steer has been around for over 50 years and the Bobcat track loaders have been around for 20 years. Bobcat loaders have come a long way from even 10 years ago.

Another model from the rugged R-series of Bobcat machines, the S64, offers the same premium engine and components as other R-series skid steers and provides increased handling ability. The S64 handles a maximum load of 2,300-pounds, which allows you to take care of business quickly and more efficiently. The price for this skid steer starts at around $49,000.

There are very few skid steers that can handle the demands of commercial construction and landscaping environments, but the Bobcat S770 is up to the task. This powerhouse offers a powerful 92-horsepower engine and an operating capacity of over 3,300-pounds. This model is ideal for lifting heavy material, and it provides an impressive 11-feet of vertical lift.

Digging backhoe attachments transform a skid steer into a backhoe, and they run from about $2,000 to $7,000 depending on the model, size, and features. Many attachments allow you to swing the bucket up to 50-degrees, which enables you to dump soil easily without repositioning the Bobcat.

An indispensable demolition and construction tool, hydraulic breakers range in price from around $5,000 to $9,000. These powerful tools use the hydraulic flow of the skid steer to generate downward force to break and crush rock, asphalt, and concrete. Breakers are usually reserved for larger Bobcats with high-flow hydraulics.

A skidsteer is a popular piece of equipment on many job sites thanks to its impressive maneuverability and lift capacity. If you are looking to replace an old skidsteer or add one to your fleet for the first time, consider one of our used Bobcat skidsteers from here at Chicago Industrial Equipment. We are one of the top names in used skidsteers, forklifts and aerial lift equipment in the Chicago/Joliet area and offer a great selection of quality refurbished Bobcat skidsteers.

To make it even easier for you to purchase a Bobcat skidsteer once you find it, we have partnered with Direct Capital to finance up to $100,000. You can apply online and get an answer right away with flexible financing terms and a 24-hour turnaround time.

You can start browsing our inventory now or contact our team if you have any questions or would like any more information on our Bobcat skidsteers. Many of our customers are tired of renting equipment and want to purchase quality used skidsteers at an affordable price or are looking to upgrade to a more powerful model. In all cases, a refurbished Bobcat skidsteer from Chicago Industrial Equipment is exactly what you need to keep your business running. Contact us today!

The skid steer loaders roots trace back to the mid-1950s, when the first three-wheeled, front end loader was developed by the brothers Cyril and Louis Keller in Rothsay, Minnesota. Since then, construction equipment juggernaut corporations such as Bobcat have refined designs for efficient mechanical loaders, and consequently released skid steer loaders that are incredibly effective at completing construction work. The technology for skid steer loaders is at an all-time high currently, as these pieces of heavy equipment are becoming increasingly capable of even more functions than their mid-1950s counterparts once were. Now, these machines are fitted with four cylinder engines, and can provide incredible amounts of productivity for almost any type of construction job.

When looking to purchase a used skid steer loader, one of the most important things someone in the market for one can do is to analyze the amount of hours that the equipment has on it. Similarly to mileage numbers on used car, the amount of hours on the used skid steer loader in question should either be low, or set at a cheaper price point if the hour total is higher. For used machinery that tends to be on the expensive side of the spectrum such as skid steer loaders, financing options may be a smart idea to explore. This can end up making the money side of finding a good used skid steer loader much more manageable in the long run. However, when shopping for any type of used heavy equipment, perhaps the most important thing for a potential buyer to do is to ensure that they are satisfied with the machineries overall condition before purchasing.

A few different models of Bobcat skid steer loader are the Bobcat T650, the Bobcat T190, and the Bobcat T590. The T650 is a type of loader that is best suited for medium-sized construction projects, and is equipped with a front bucket for hauling materials and scooping dirt. This machine is a proven commodity for many different construction companies, and is equipped with a coupler and hand and foot control. The Bobcat T190 is built with a four cylinder Kubota engine for pinnacle performance on the job, and it also is equipped with 12 inch rubber tracks. This machine is also adept at clearing debris, moving materials, and evening out build surfaces. Lastly, the T590 is another great model of skid steer loader from Bobcat , and its four cylinder Bobcat engine, manual quick change, and 12 inch rubber tracks make it similar to the T190, and also incredibly powerful. All of these models of Bobcat skid steer loader are efficient at performance on construction jobs of many different types, but they all are perhaps most effective at clearing debris from potential building sites in preparation of foundation laying. 041b061a72


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