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[S5E10] Chapter 62 'LINK'

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[S5E10] Chapter 62


In The Martian Chronicles, Ray Bradbury played with the anxietythat capitalism might encounter an unsurpassable limit to its expansion andno longer be able to contain its internal contradictions by means of spatialdisplacements. In the chapter "The Off Season," the "honestenterprising businessman" Sam Parkhill sets up a hot-dog stand on Mars.(14) He hopes that, when people from Earth arrive there, he will make moneyby selling them hot dogs. But when he has everything ready to receive them("Send me your hungry, old Earth. Here's Sam Parkhill, his hot dogsall boiled, his chili cooking, everything neat as a pin. Come on, you Earth,send me your rockets!" (15)), he suddenly sees how the Earth catchesfire and explodes. Is this not a perfect dystopian representation of theanxiety over the unfeasible expansion of the capitalist market beyond theEarth?

The other key term in Marx that defines the socialization of laboris general intellect, which refers to the fusion of knowledge, forces ofproduction, and the process of social life (Karl Marx, Grundrisse, trans. andpref. Martin Nicolaus [New York: Penguin, 1993], 706). See also Michael Hardtand Antonio Negri, Labor of Dionysus: A Critique of the State-Form(Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1994), esp. chapter 6,"Postmodern Law and the Withering of Civil Society," 217-62. 041b061a72


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