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After We Collided Anna Todd.pdf: A Complete Analysis of Characters, Themes, and Plot

After We Collide Anna Todd.pdf: A Review of the Bestselling Romance Novel

If you are a fan of romance novels, you have probably heard of After We Collide Anna Todd.pdf. It is the second book in the After series by Anna Todd, a former fanfiction writer who became a sensation after publishing her stories online. The series follows the turbulent relationship between Tessa Young, a college student, and Hardin Scott, a bad boy with a dark past. In this article, we will review After We Collide Anna Todd.pdf, its main characters, themes, symbols, reception, criticism, and controversy.

After We Collide Anna Todd.pdf


What is After We Collide Anna Todd.pdf? It is a PDF file that contains the text of After We Collide, a romance novel by Anna Todd. It was published in 2014 as a sequel to After, which was originally written as a fanfiction based on One Direction, a popular boy band. The novel is part of a five-book series that has been translated into over 40 languages and has sold over 15 million copies worldwide.

Who is Anna Todd and why is she famous? Anna Todd is an American author who was born in 1989 in Ohio. She started writing fanfiction on Wattpad, an online platform for amateur writers, when she was bored at her job as a salesperson. She gained millions of followers for her stories about Tessa and Hardin, who were inspired by Harry Styles and other members of One Direction. She signed a deal with Gallery Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, to publish her series in print and e-book formats. She also became a producer and co-writer of the film adaptations of her novels, which have been released since 2019.

What is the plot of After We Collide Anna Todd.pdf? The novel picks up where After left off, with Tessa discovering that Hardin had only dated her as part of a bet with his friends. She is heartbroken and angry, but she still loves him and hopes that he can change. Hardin, on the other hand, is remorseful and desperate to win her back. He reveals his traumatic childhood and his abusive father, who reappears in his life. The novel follows their ups and downs as they try to reconcile their differences, deal with their insecurities, face their enemies, and overcome their obstacles. The novel ends with a cliffhanger that sets up the next book in the series, After We Fell.

Main Characters

Tessa Young

Who is she and what is her background? Tessa Young is the protagonist and narrator of the novel. She is an 18-year-old college student who majors in literature. She comes from a conservative and religious family in Washington. She has a strained relationship with her mother, who disapproves of her choices and lifestyle. She has a loyal friend named Landon, who is also Hardin's stepbrother. She is smart, kind, ambitious, and naive.

How does she change throughout the novel? Tessa changes a lot throughout the novel as she experiences love, pain, betrayal, passion, and growth. She becomes more independent, confident, adventurous, and mature. She also becomes more aware of her own desires, needs, and boundaries. She learns to stand up for herself, to forgive others, and to accept herself.

What are her strengths and weaknesses? Tessa's strengths are her intelligence, compassion, perseverance, and optimism. She is good at studying, writing, and communicating. She cares deeply about others and tries to help them. She never gives up on her dreams or her love. She always sees the best in people and situations. Tessa's weaknesses are her insecurity, innocence, stubbornness, and jealousy. She often doubts herself and her worth. She is easily manipulated and hurt by others. She can be stubborn and refuse to listen to reason. She can be jealous and possessive of Hardin.

Hardin Scott

Who is he and what is his background? Hardin Scott is the love interest and co-narrator of the novel. He is a 19-year-old college student who majors in literature. He comes from a troubled and abusive family in England. He has a complicated relationship with his father, who abandoned him and his mother when he was young. He has a close friend named Zed, who is also his rival for Tessa's affection. He is handsome, mysterious, arrogant, and rude.

How does he change throughout the novel? Hardin changes a lot throughout the novel as he experiences love, guilt, regret, anger, and redemption. He becomes more honest, loyal, respectful, and gentle. He also becomes more vulnerable, emotional, expressive, and caring. He learns to trust others, to apologize for his mistakes, and to change for the better.

What are his strengths and weaknesses? Hardin's strengths are his charisma, wit, courage, and passion. He is good at reading, debating, and seducing. He attracts people with his charm and humor. He faces his fears and challenges with bravery. He loves Tessa with intensity and devotion. Hardin's weaknesses are his pride, temper, impulsiveness, and violence. He often lies or hides the truth from others. He loses his control easily and lashes out at others. He acts without thinking of the consequences or the feelings of others. He hurts Tessa physically and emotionally.

Themes and Symbols

Love and Hate

How do Tessa and Hardin express their love and hate for each other? Tessa and Hardin have a love-hate relationship that is full of contradictions and extremes. They express their love for each other through words, kisses, cuddles, gifts, and sacrifices. They express their hate for each other through insults, fights, breakups, cheating, and revenge. They constantly switch between loving and hating each other, depending on their mood and situation.

What are the consequences of their intense emotions? Their intense emotions have both positive and negative consequences for them and their relationship. On one hand, their love makes them happy, fulfilled, inspired, and motivated. It helps them overcome their past traumas and grow as individuals and as a couple. the other hand, their hate makes them miserable, frustrated, hurt, and angry. It causes them to fight, lie, cheat, and hurt each other and themselves. It creates a toxic cycle of abuse and dependence that is hard to break.

How do they overcome their conflicts and misunderstandings? They overcome their conflicts and misunderstandings by communicating, listening, understanding, and compromising with each other. They also seek help from their friends, family, and professionals when they need it. They learn to respect each other's differences and boundaries and to support each other's goals and dreams. They also learn to forgive each other and themselves for their mistakes and to trust each other and their love.

Trust and Betrayal

How do Tessa and Hardin deal with trust issues in their relationship? Tessa and Hardin have a lot of trust issues in their relationship due to their personal histories and experiences. Tessa has trouble trusting Hardin because he lied to her about the bet and because he keeps secrets from her and hides things from her. She also has trouble trusting herself because she feels like she is betraying her mother and her values by being with him. Hardin has trouble trusting Tessa because he was betrayed by his father and his mother and because he thinks that she will leave him or cheat on him with someone else. He also has trouble trusting himself because he feels like he is not good enough for her or worthy of her love.

What are the sources of betrayal in the novel? There are many sources of betrayal in the novel that affect Tessa and Hardin's relationship. Some of them are: - Hardin's bet with his friends to take Tessa's virginity and then dump her - Tessa's kiss with Zed when she was mad at Hardin - Hardin's affair with Molly when he was drunk and depressed - Tessa's acceptance of a job offer in Seattle without telling Hardin - Hardin's father's affair with Tessa's mother and his involvement in the bet

How do they cope with the aftermath of betrayal? They cope with the aftermath of betrayal by confronting each other, apologizing to each other, forgiving each other, and moving on from it. They also cope by seeking comfort from their friends, family, or themselves. They try to rebuild their trust and their relationship by being honest, loyal, faithful, and supportive to each other.

Growth and Change

How do Tessa and Hardin grow and change as individuals and as a couple? Tessa and Hardin grow and change a lot as individuals and as a couple throughout the novel. As individuals, they grow and change by: - Discovering new aspects of themselves, such as their sexuality, their passions, their talents, and their flaws - Developing new skills, such as writing, cooking, driving, and dancing - Pursuing new opportunities, such as internships, jobs, scholarships, and travels - Facing new challenges, such as family conflicts, health issues, financial problems, and legal troubles As a couple, they grow and change by: - Exploring new dimensions of their relationship, such as intimacy, commitment, friendship, and partnership - Establishing new rules, such as exclusivity, honesty, respect, and communication - Resolving new issues, such as jealousy, insecurity, distance, and boredom - Creating new memories, such as dates, trips, holidays, and anniversaries

What are the challenges and opportunities for their personal development? The challenges and opportunities for their personal development are intertwined in the novel. Some of them are: - Balancing their personal lives and their professional lives - Dealing with their past traumas and their present realities - Accepting their differences and celebrating their similarities - Learning from their mistakes and improving their behaviors

How do they influence each other's growth and change? They influence each other's growth and change in positive and negative ways in the novel. Some of them are: - They inspire each other to pursue their dreams and passions - They challenge each other to step out of their comfort zones and try new things - They support each other through difficult times and celebrate each other's achievements - They teach each other valuable lessons and share meaningful experiences - They hurt each other with their words and actions - They hold each other back from reaching their full potential - They manipulate each other to get what they want or to avoid what they fear - They depend on each other too much and lose their sense of self

Reception and Criticism

Popularity and Sales

How popular is After We Collide Anna Todd.pdf among readers and fans? After We Collide Anna Todd.pdf is very popular among readers and fans of the After series and the romance genre. It has received over 1.5 billion reads on Wattpad, where it was first published online. It has also ranked high on various bestseller lists, such as the New York Times, USA Today, and Amazon. It has been praised for its addictive plot, relatable characters, steamy scenes, and emotional impact.

How many copies has it sold worldwide and in different regions? After We Collide Anna Todd.pdf has sold over 3 million copies worldwide and in different regions. It has been particularly successful in Europe, where it has sold over 2 million copies in France, Italy, Germany, Spain, and the UK. It has also sold well in North America, where it has sold over 500,000 copies in the US and Canada. It has also been translated into over 40 languages, such as Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Portuguese, and Turkish.

What are some of the awards and accolades it has received? After We Collide Anna Todd.pdf has received several awards and accolades for its popularity and quality. Some of them are: - The Wattys 2014: The Fanfiction Award - The Goodreads Choice Awards 2014: Best Romance - The Teen Choice Awards 2015: Choice Book - The Cosmopolitan Awards 2016: Best Book of the Year

Reviews and Ratings

How do critics and reviewers rate After We Collide Anna Todd.pdf? Critics and reviewers have mixed opinions on After We Collide Anna Todd.pdf. Some of them rate it highly for its engaging writing style, realistic dialogue, compelling drama, and passionate romance. Some of them rate it lowly for its repetitive plot, shallow characters, abusive relationship, and poor editing. Some of them rate it neutrally for its entertaining value, cultural relevance, social commentary, and personal preference.

What are some of the positive and negative aspects of the novel according to them? Some of the positive aspects of the novel according to them are: - It captures the emotions and experiences of young adults in love - It explores the themes and issues that are relevant to today's society - It appeals to a wide range of readers with different tastes and backgrounds - It creates a loyal and active fan base that interacts with the author and each other Some of the negative aspects of the novel according to them are: - It glorifies a toxic and unhealthy relationship that is based on manipulation and violence - It portrays a sexist and stereotypical view of women and men - It lacks originality and creativity as it is derived from fanfiction - It contains grammatical errors and inconsistencies that distract from the story

How do readers and fans react to the novel on social media and online platforms? Readers and fans have strong reactions to the novel on social media and online platforms. They express their opinions, feelings, questions, and theories about the novel on various sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Wattpad. They also create fan art, fan fiction, fan videos, and fan merchandise based on the novel. They also participate in online events, such as live chats, book clubs, giveaways, and contests related to the novel.

Controversy and Debate

What are some of the controversial topics and issues raised by After We Collide Anna Todd.pdf? After We Collide Anna Todd.pdf raises some controversial topics and issues that spark debate among readers, critics, and fans. Some of them are: - The ethics and legality of fanfiction - The representation and diversity of characters - The depiction and impact of sex and violence - The message and influence of romance and relationships

How do different groups of people view the novel's portrayal of romance, sex, violence, etc.? Different groups of people have different views on the novel's portrayal of romance, sex, violence, etc. Some of them are: - Some people view it as a realistic and relatable portrayal of young love that shows the struggles and joys of being in a relationship. They appreciate the honesty and intensity of the novel's emotions and actions. They find it romantic and exciting to read. - Some people view it as a problematic and harmful portrayal of abusive love that normalizes and romanticizes manipulation and violence. They criticize the toxicity relationship and actions. They find it abusive and disturbing to read. - Some people view it as a fictional and entertaining portrayal of fantasy love that does not reflect or affect reality. They enjoy the novel's writing style and plot twists and actions. They find it fun and thrilling to read.

How does the novel compare to other similar works in the genre or by the author? The novel compares to other similar works in the genre or by the author in various ways. Some of them are: - It is similar to other romance novels that feature a good girl-bad boy dynamic, such as Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James, Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire, and Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. It shares some of the elements, such as sexual tension, drama, and angst, that appeal to readers of this genre. - It is different from other romance novels that feature a healthy and balanced relationship, such as The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks, and Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. It lacks some of the elements, such as respect, communication, and compromise, that make readers of this genre happy. - It is similar to other works by Anna Todd that are based on fanfiction or inspired by celebrities, such as The Spring Girls by Anna Todd, Nothing More by Anna Todd, and Before by Anna Todd. It follows some of the patterns, such as character names, storylines, and references, that connect to her original source material. - It is different from other works by Anna Todd that are original or unrelated to fanfiction or celebrities, such as The Brightest Stars by Anna Todd, The Free Fall Series by Anna Todd and Leigh Ansell, and Out of Breath by Anna Todd and Christina Hobbs. It deviates from some of the themes, such as family, friendship, and war, that explore new aspects of her writing.


In conclusion, After We Collide Anna Todd.pdf is a bestselling romance novel that has captivated millions of readers and fans around the world. It tells the story of Tessa and Hardin, two college students who have a love-hate relationship that is full of challenges and opportunities. It features main characters, themes, symbols, reception, criticism, and controversy that make it a fascinating and controversial work of literature. Whether you love it or hate it, you cannot deny its popularity and impact on the culture and society of today.

Do you want to read After We Collide Anna Todd.pdf? Do you want to watch the movie adaptation of After We Collide? Do you want to join the fandom of After? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you can find more information and resources on the official website of Anna Todd, You can also follow her on social media platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. You can also check out her other books and projects on Amazon, Wattpad, and Netflix.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope you enjoyed it and learned something new. If you have any comments, questions, or feedback, please feel free to share them with me. I would love to hear from you. Until next time, happy reading!


Here are some frequently asked questions about After We Collide Anna Todd.pdf:



When was After We Collide published?

After We Collide was published in 2014.

Who are the actors who play Tessa and Hardin in the movie adaptation?

The actors who play Tessa and Hardin in the movie adaptation are Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin.

How many books are there in the After series?

There are five books in the After series: After, After We Collided, After We Fell, After Ever Happy, and Before.

What is the genre of After We Collide?

The genre of After We Collide is romance.

Where can I read After We Collide online for free?

You can read After We Collide online for free on Wattpad, where it was originally posted by Anna Todd.



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